Refund policy

During the period that runs through the 10th full day prior to the day of a Pen It by Hunter Ridgway screenwriting class, registrants may receive a 100% refund for cancellations for any reason or no reason at all.  To cancel, email [email protected].

During day that is the 9th full day prior to the day of the class, registrants may receive a 90% refund for cancellations.  To cancel, again, email [email protected].

During the 8th day, the refund rate is 80%.  7th day = 70% / 6th = 60% / 5th = 50%/ 4th = 40% / 3rd = 30% / 2nd = 20%.

On the last full day before the scheduled class, registrants may still cancel for any reason or no reason at all, but they will receive only a 10% refund at that point.

Pen It by Hunter Ridgway realizes that accidents, illnesses, family emergencies, unexpected work assignments, other job-/professional-related matters, homeowners’ emergencies, and other matters out of registrants’ control can knock them out of an ability to attend a class, but space in every class is limited, and the purchase price for the Pen It class is a price for a space reservation in the limited slots of the class.  That price is not fully refundable after the 10-day-out mark is passed.

There is, however, a notable exception to the above-outlined limited refund policy.  Pen It by Hunter Ridgway encourages fly-ins and other state-crossing travel, and, for some class locations, the one-day class is meant to work well for another day of sightseeing on the same trip for some of those coming from out of town.  Accordingly, if the weather on either the day before a scheduled class or the day of the class makes travel impossible, a 100% refund will be extended.  And/or if a flight, train, or bus to the city of the class is cancelled for a would-be travelling participant (for any reason – not just because of bad weather) on the day before or day of a scheduled class, a 100% refund will be given.  For weather issues that prevent driving, please explain the circumstances by email to [email protected].  For flight or other carrier cancellations, you MUST PROVIDE the airline or carrier, the flight number or equivalent, and the date of the cancelled flight or other transport by email to [email protected].  Pen It by Hunter Ridgway will verify the cancellation with the carrier.  * * * (In general, everyone is required to email and request a refund under this exception as refunds are not automatically extended if the class itself is not cancelled [see next section].) * * *

Entire class cancellations due to really bad weather

If there is a massive snowstorm, or a hurricane, or other show- and society-stopping severe weather event bearing down on the city of a class on the day of the class, it might be cancelled outright.  Check this website for updates if this situation arises (as it’s the only place where such a cancellation will be announced).  Full refunds will be extended to everyone if this happens.