Reviews of Pen It by Hunter Ridgway – From Class Participants

Today’s class gave me the tools I was looking for. In one day I know how to construct a screen play.
The outline process is a fantastic check and balance framework. As the day progressed, all my scattered thoughts and ideas became organized. I can use the handout to keep me on track.
I really appreciated this class. When I sell my screenplay you will be in the credits.
Thank you very much.

D. G.
NYC class 2019

Hunter’s passion for feature storytelling is tangible. The level of research he’s done in putting his class together is astounding. The same can be said for the literature he’s written in support of the class. A great day!

M. D.
New York class 2019

A great overview that is both general and specific. This class would be great for beginner screenwriters, and also experienced ones who are up for a refresher on simple guidelines that are all too easy to forget! Hunter’s passion and depth of research is awesome – I feel reinspired to dive into my script!

M. G.
NYC class 2019

Thorough “how to create a compelling script”. Doesn’t get into how to pitch a script or enter a screen writing competition, but provides a thorough checklist of things to consider as you think about what kind of story you’d like to create or you begin to review what you’ve written. An academic approach covering key elements of a good story.

R. A.
Los Angeles class 2018

Wow – think “a semester screen writing course crammed into one day”. Very comprehensive and well organized overview of how to conceive of and pen a script from start to finish. Good course for those who want an explicit check list before sending for reviews. Really found the workshop helpful. Thanks so much, Hunter!

L. A.
Los Angeles class 2018

Charming man and informative class. The handout was a very thorough broadbrush stroke Do’s and Don’ts on screenwriting.

j. l.
NYC class 2017

This was an excellent workshop very informative ..Jam packed with screen writing goodies. Hunter really knows his stuff.

L. R.
New York class 2017

Had a blast with Hunter. Class was very informative. Hunter was approachable and gave me a lot of one on one advice about the business aspect and better ways of getting ones script to the masses. Thx Hunter. See u in Hollywood !!

J. A.
New York class 2017

“Pen It” was a great experience, especially for a nerdy, novice writer (like me) who loves film, has ideas, and dares to dream! This seminar was packed with all the rudimentary essentials for structure necessary to start me on my way. Be sure to come in with your own thoughts to share—you’ll be among friends!

E. Q.
Washington, DC class 2017

So glad I attended this excellent class. This is not a fluffy “how to” screenwriting workshop. It’s a comprehensive look at the vital elements of successful storytelling. If you want to be sure you are leaving no stone unturned as you think through and put together a top-notch screenplay outline, then this is the course for you. Hunter is terrific, and the class manual itself is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is serious about quality screenplay construction.

P. G.
Washington, D.C. class 2017